Systematic Development

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Step 1: Home page designing
Based on requirements specified by the client we create 2-3 Photoshop sample designs. The client then selects the one he likes and then after selecting the final design, further modifications are done by taking consistent suggestions from the client. The base home page will be revised at least three times before uploading.

Step 2: After the home page has been finalized by the client in step 1, then based on it we design secondary pages of the website.
We convert the Photoshop files to HTML/CSS using which various pages of the website are linked. Once created, the pages are tested on the various web browsers such Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome etc. All websites designed by us are W3C compliant also.
We work on various technologies like PHP/MySQL, ASP.NET/MSSQL, JAVA etc.; we also carry out Custom Coding using various frameworks like Cake PHP, Cube Cart, and Joomla etc. depending on Client Requirements.
Unit Testing is done by our programmers followed by Functional, Integration and Regression Testing. We have a separate department for testing your website and is done by expert Testing Team using Mantis-Bug tracking tool. They fix the bugs on the website and make it free from any errors.
Verification and Completion of the Project
Proper verification of pre-defined quality standards is done by our software quality department once the project is completed. A fully detailed project will be shared with the client only when it is cross checked by designated managers of all departments.
Uploading of the website and Project Delivery
To give exceptional and satisfactory customer services is the aim of IPAT Techsolution. When we are pretty sure that our customers and team are fully satisfied, only then the uploading of website is done on Client's server.