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The introduction of "Google Adwords" completely changed internet marketing scenario. Henceforth, Pay Per click is a new terminology or the most effective and efficient way to access the customers and business and rule the world of web.
Since then, all the prominent search engines (Yahoo Sponsored Search and many more) have incorporated PPC or pay per click advertising accompanied by natural search engine rank pages. Pay Per advertising does not charge extra as you as you have to pay only for the clicks you are going to receive!

How PPC works?

PPC Advertising is a dynamic marketplace, the higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be displayed in the list. As the name suggests, you don't need to pay for listing, but only for real clicks. It allows you to get maximum exposure, while you control the amount you want to spend on your marketing campaign. There are no risks and you can clearly track the effectiveness of your PPC Advertising campaign.

Let's know how PPC operates?

As the acronym PPC clears itself that Pay Per click advertising makes you pay for genuine clicks only which gives you an opportunity to have maximum exposure by making your marketing campaign cost effective as well. The higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be enlisted in dynamic PPC advertising forum and with less risk associated with it you can easily follow the impact of your PPC Advertising campaign thus created.

Who can be benefited:

  • Those who are certain to display ads in a particular location at specified time.
  • Interested in considering the reviews and suggestions given by targeted customers for a new product or service.
  • Those who are determined to get placed in top pages of leading search engines like Google.

Increase your ROI

Choose our PPC Advertising Services

In order to get maximum exposure in terms of more sales, higher ROI, more targeted clicks at less cost and get more profits, professional PPC Experts of IPAT Techsolution guide you to select appropriate keywords meeting your industry, language, country and all desired needs.

  • Bid Management ق│ôA thorough result and research analysis by our PPC experts help you to manage bids within your budget with increased ROI.
  • Psychological Advertising ق│ôTo advertise according to customers' psyches and market trends.
  • Ad Management ق│ôTo create creative and impressive Ad groups and Ad campaigns.
  • Landing Page creation ق│ô Convincing and well-designed landing pages for converting visitors into leads.
  • Traffic Tracking ق│ô To monitor traffic results via Google Analytics and then to generate traffic ad groups are managed accordingly. Accordingly.
  • Strategy Formulation ق│ô To improve Sales and Develop Budget by devising unique strategies.
  • Keyword generation ق│ô In-depth research of appropriate and customer oriented keywords.

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