Website Maintenance

In order to update the websites with current content all websites are required to be maintained regularly. Consequently, some websites are updated on daily basis while others are periodically.
Maintenance services include revising, editing or sometimes altering of existing web pages to keep your website furnished with latest information and content. To add new web pages periodically also comes under website maintenance services. The rules and regulations by which search engines list sites change consistently. Without updating and implementing these new rules, a web site can easily get lost in search engine listings. Maintaining a website has become quite essential nowadays.
Even the servers offer 100% uptime but still it is imperative to consistently check the forms and mail links at least weekly once to ensure that the enquiries are being forwarded from the website suitably. Interactive World provides you cost-effective website maintenance services. And take up the task of scheduled website maintenance of existing web sites and make modifications as and when required. By outsourcing your web site maintenance work, you can get rid of uploading regular updates and developments.
Websites are not needed to be static even if they are designed as a static HTML website. The value of a custom website is the ability to maintain latest information online at an affordable cost. Presuming that it is necessary to review some or all of your web pages regularly, as well as uploading of additional web pages is done according to your business needs so to assist you in maintaining current information online, IPAT Techsolution provides several options for website maintenance.
If you are going to modify your website regularly, you can save your bucks by taking up a website maintenance contract with Interactive World. A website maintenance contract normally lasts for one year term unless you are willing to enter into a contract for a longer duration. The monthly cost for maintenance depends on the size of your website at the time when the agreement or contract is signed. Our maintenance contract can be used to update your online bulletins or newsletters, to highlight varied services on a rotation basis, or to promote timely programs, services or workshops.
IPAT Techsolution's website maintenance contract allows you to make an infinite number of text revisions to your old or existing web pages. Under this contract the services included are redesigning of web pages, or adding, deleting or editing of graphics on the web pages. It is important to bring in to your notice that new pages being added to the website will be charged separately.
With full belief that this will be the only viable competitive advantage of the future, we are committed to building relationships and long-term collective associations with our partners. IPAT Techsolution does not build applications only but manages applications too. Our fine skills rightly complement your entrepreneurial skills.