Security Policy

IPAT TECHSOLUTION is committed to providing a secure yet open network that protects the integrity and confidentiality of information while maintaining its accessibility.

Physical & Environmental Security

  • Presence of security guards and 24x7 surveillance system
  • Access to the secure part of IPAT TECHSOLUTION facilities is limited using physical entree control and is only accessible to appropriately authorised individuals. Card access systems are in place to control, monitor and log access to all areas of the facility.
  • We have a hands free policy and no employee can carry any documents or media (Floppy, CD, Pen drives) out of work premises with out permission of the management.
  • We have elaborate fire safety arrangements including B and C type extinguishers, multiple exits, smoke alarms, and hose pipes within the facility.
  • Power from the State grid is used with generator power systems providing back-up.
  • Shockproof cabling with physical protection of Lines and distributors.

Data Access Security

  • Password policy in place for accessing PCs and workstations for authorized access. A user-id and password is required to access any system.
  • IPAT TECHSOLUTION works closely with the client's Technical staff to determine the appropriate security programs, devices and procedures necessary to protect the integrity and confidentiality of all client data.
  • The system includes Firewalls and IDS to protect the public network.
  • All outgoing data is encrypted and authenticated at the Corporate Firewall Server.
  • All mail and web servers are located at an independent internet data center
  • Access to important files and directories is given only to specific personnel
  • All transcribed files are stored on secured servers and are password protected.
  • Data back-ups at remote locations are maintained. Monthly backups are stored at an off-site location and removable backups are kept safe with logs duly

Network Security

  • We use Norton & McAfee anti virus software and ensure latest updates on a daily basis at each workstation and server.
  • Our servers are secure. All credit card information is processed through encrypted authorization services.
  • We have Locked Server rooms which are accessible to the authorized personnel only.
  • IPAT TECHSOLUTION enforces very restrictive systems access policies. We have a stringent policy in place for passwords, and network access.
  • Proper documentation, design and implementation of the network.
  • IPAT TECHSOLUTION have secure connection and adequate encryption.
  • We have measures to prevent unauthorized access into the network or data.
  • Each client's process is run on a separate VLAN when run off-shore/off-site.
  • Our public network interface to receive and send out data to clients and partners is fully isolated from the development network and any exchange of data between the two can only be done after rigorous process of approval and verification.